About Us

Steve Ghannam grew up in a family of contractors. While working with his father and uncles as a young adult, he was amazed at the scope of work contractors were called to do and the exorbitant rates they could charge. The problem, he discovered is the lack of skilled workers to cater to the broad spectrum of small repair and improvement work, causing any home or business owner to be forced to hire multiple contractors and pay many minimum charges, or simply hire a friend of a friend who supposedly "can fix anything." Because of this, Steve founded HoneyDo Handypersons.

HoneyDo Handypersons has been in business as a corporation for more than a year, although the principal field manager has more than ten years experience in the home and office repair and remodel fields. The Pleasanton Chamber members and local LEAP program partners are licensed, insured, and local to the Tri-Valley. HoneyDo handypersons offers 24 hour emergency service. Our worker bees are experts in preparing your home or office for sale, or rental move in or out.

In addition to being a leading company in maintenance and repair, they are very diverse in their skill sets, extremely resourceful with tools and techniques, and have industry leading contacts. HoneyDo Handypersons can help in many ways, from simple fix-its like replacing a faucet or patching a hole to jobs you might previously have needed a contractor for such as updating your fixtures or appliances, or making your deck or fence look like new again.

HoneyDo Handypersons gladly accepts all forms of payment.