HoneyDo Handypersons is a full service repair and maintenance company employing the highest skilled and most proficient worker bees. We can take care of your entire HoneyDo list, often in just one appointment. We service a wide range of customers, from single family homes to industrial complexes, small businesses and offices to multi-dwelling home owner’s associations.

Whether you're looking for advice on the most profitable fixes before selling your house, or looking to make your house a home, we can help.

We operate on 90% referrals and repeat business and always guarantee our work. We offer free estimates (whether or not you use us), and offer hourly or per job rates. We are here to keep your weekends free.

HoneyDo Handypersons. proudly offers discount programs to the tri-valley uniformed service personnel, veterans, and senior citizens.

Contact Us to submit a HoneyDo list to our worker bees.